Bridal Portraits

bridal & engagement portraits

Whether for a special bride, an engagement, an anniversary, or bridal party gifts (individual bridesmaid portraits available!), these custom pieces make for the ideal romantic or thoughtful gesture. 

what's needed

  • Reference PhotosHigh resolution photos for reference. It's ideal to provide a few so that we can work through which one would be best captured by watercolor, or whatever medium you choose to move forward with.
  • Preferred dimensions. The vast majority of these portraits are produced on high quality heavy-weight 11"x14" cold-press watercolor paper. Please indicate If you would like a larger or smaller portrait.
  • Background. Please indicate if you would like a background or an isolated portrait.

what to expect

  • Timeline. Typically production time is between 2-4 weeks (please allow 1-2 weeks for shipping) unless otherwise noted or booked. 
  • Proof/Digital versions. For quality control purposes you will receive a proof of the final artwork. A web-ready version will be available for personal use. 
  • Shipping. Domestic orders placed are shipped via UPS with tracking information provided. 
Custom bridal portrait gift